March 17, 2016


To Whom It May Concern,


Gemterra Developments Corporation is a privately owned, family operated independent Canadian Real Estate Investment and Development company.


Gemterra selected Active Excavating to be the excavation contractor for the Joy Condos project located on Bonis Avenue, North of Sheppard Avenue near Kennedy Road. This was a new collaboration for Gemterra and we are happy to acknowledge that we are positively impressed by Active Excavating.


Active Excavating, coordinated by Harry Diker and closely monitored by Arnie Diker, proved professionalism and competence by completing the bulk excavation on time and without negatively interfering with other contractors.


Active Excavating showed a continuous interest on following the Construction Schedule, and implemented a strict control over the excavation process. During the footing installation Active Excavating demonstrated a proven ability to collaborate with other contractors in order to facilitate a smooth transition to the next phase of the construction.


All of the above are proof of their keen interest in permanently monitoring the quality and quantity of their work, along with a high degree of technical ability, adaptability and dedication. As such, we have no doubts that you will be exceptionally pleased if you award to Active Excavating the excavation contract. If you have any questions, please contact the undersigned email.



Maurice Lerman

General Manager

Email: mlerman@gemterra.com





March 17, 2016


LASH Group of Companies has employed Active Excavating on numerous projects big and small. Timing, scheduling, supervision, man power and professionalism; Active Excavating has come through time and time again. We look forward to building on the successes we have experienced in the past years, and Active Excavating has been a valued partner in that success.


- Joe Silva, Site Superintendant.
LASH Group of Companies.



To: Whom it may concern


This letter is to confirm that Active Excavating & Contracting (1985) Ltd. was awarded and successfully completed the demolition and excavation work for our high-rise condominium project, King Charlotte (11 Charlotte Street, Toronto) on behalf of the Lamb Development Corporation (LDC).


Active Excavating performed their work in a very competent, efficient and complete manner. We found them to be extremely proficient in their conduct, expertise and services. Active Excavating maintained a clean and safe working environment for the duration of their work.


Active Excavating also met a very demanding schedule, which included demolition within a very configed area and a deep excavation within a small footprint, which did not lend itself to a typical excavation. Both demolition and excavation work on this project required detailed coordination and planning with both LDC as well as other sub-trades.


Finally, Active Excavating dealt with all issues dealing with impacted materials (including communications with our environmental consultants) in a professional and organized manner.
Active Excavating was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend their services.




John-Paul Faccio


General Manager

Lamb development Corporation



Water Park Place Project, 88 Queens Quay, Toronto On 35-Storey Commercial Project with 3 levels of underground parking


Dear Sir/Madam:


Active Excavating was awarded the contract for excavation for the above noted project, on a lot size of 300 feet by 350 feet deep with a concrete cassion wall all around. Their work included excavating for tie-backs and stressing, removal of all contaminated material, maintaining a safe ramp and organizing trucking in safe and proper manner with traffic control due to lots of pedestrian traffic. Active Excavating preformed professionally in all area's.


Active easily performed excavating three levels of underground parking and then excavated another 2m lower to the underside of the crane pad and footings. Also they carried out the shaving of the cassion wall with out any issues we also had vibration monitors under constant review by consultants to ensure the piles where never hit or moved through the entire process.

Active Excavating worked to our satisfaction and maintained our schedule even after starting a month late. Active Excavating has become the industry leader. I plan on working with Active Excavating again in the future.


Ellisdon Construction
Sebastian Palmieri
Site Superintendent



To whom it may concern:


This letter will confirm, Active Excavating & Contracting were subcontracted by EllisDon Corporation, to undertake excavation and backfilling work at the New Office Development, 180 Queen Street West, Toronto.


Their contract value being $700,000.00.


During their time on site, they demonstrated the utmost professionalism through their ranks. They met commitment dates on a very demanding schedule and were flexible when required to be. We found their level of customer service admirable.


We can confirm, given the opportunity to work with Active Excavating & Contracting on future projects, EllisDon would not hesitate to do so.


Yours truly,


Tom Kavanagh

Project Manager



To Whom It May Concern:


This letter is in regards to Active Excavating and Contracting Ltd. and the work performed at the Bay Adelaide Project in Toronto, Ontario.


The Bay Adelaide project is a 51-storey office building located in the Financial District. The work performed by Active was a combination of demolition and excavation. The project had a very tight access and an aggressive schedule.


Active personnel, Arnold Diker and Mirko DiSabatino, were very "hands on" to ensure the excavation work was completed four weeks ahead of schedule. Their efforts and coordination of working with other subcontractors ensured the successful completion of their work.


I would highly recommend Active Excavating and Contracting Ltd. for any future work. if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 416-938-2252.


Yours truly,


Michael Brodigan

Project Superintendent

Bay Adelaide Centre - Phase 1



To: Whom it may concern


It gives me great please to provide this letter of reference on behalf of EllisDon for Active Excavating.


Active Excavating has been a good standing sub trade contractor with EllisDon Construction for many years. My personnel experience with the Active team has been with the recently completed Bay Adelaide Centre Project and George Brown College.


Active Excavating was recommended for the award of the bulk excavation tender package for the Bay Adelaide Centre Project in early 2008 and as well the George Browne College late all fall 2009. Their bid was submitted by them with full acknowledgement of the projects challenges and schedule demands. The Active team represented themselves with a professional team that was lead, from the point of award to final completion, by ownership through to the site supervision team. Both projects were deep excavation, downtown sites as well as contaminated material management requirements.


The site execution was without a doubt second to none. Both projects provided many demands and all where dealt with professionally and in a timely manner. The project was lead in quality, schedule, coordination, foresight and team compliance by Actives Owners, Project Manager and Site Superintendent from day one. The efforts from the head office and site team definitely was a major factor in EllisDon's success in completing the over project on time and budget for Brookfield Properties Corporation's and George Brown College critical dates.


I would be pleased to have Active Excavation on any major project under my responsibility. I would be happy to extend any further information if required to assist them in a selection process for any project or clarity in there performance abilities.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if required.




Paul Hickey

Construction Manager

EllisDon Construction




Re: Skyline Cosmopolitan Project, 6-8 Colborne Street, Toronto On 26-Storey Condominium Project with 3 levels of underground parking.


Dear Sir/Madam:


Active Excavating was awarded the contract for excavation for the above noted project, on a lot size of 45 feet by 75 feet deep with shoring all around. Their work included excavating for tie-backs, taking the ramp away for stressing, putting it back, maintaining the ramp and hauling the earth away. Active Excavating did a superb job.


Under such a confined area Active easily performed excavating three levels of underground parking and then excavated another 2.5m lower to the underside of the crane pad and footings. Also they carried out the removal of 40” wide reinforced concrete underpinning occupying the entire North and East side of the project for the entire depth of the site. Active Excavating did a miraculous job.


Active Excavating worked to our satisfaction and schedule. It appears that Active Excavating has become the industry leader when working in tight places. I hope to work with Active Excavating again in the future.


Yours Very Truly,


Lauro Franz
Site Superintendent
H&R Construction Management Limited

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